I'm a web developer based in Philadelphia. Originally trained as a quantitative psychologist, I fell in love with code, web development, and data analysis somewhere along the way. Now I'm dedicated to making interesting, useful, and beautiful things on the web, full-time.

You can reach me at gregoryjpark@gmail.com, or find me on Twitter, GitHub, or LinkedIn.


three good things

Three Good Things helps you stick to a habit of noting at least three positive experiences every day. You can treat this as a private journal, or share your good things anonymously with others. Other features include daily text message reminders and progress tracking with built-in surveys and stat counters.

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Do you see yourself the same way that other people see you? I made truyu.io to help answer this question. You can complete a simple personality test about yourself, but you can also invite others to weigh in to create a more well-rounded picture of yourself. In return, you'll get an estimate of your own self-awareness, your similiarity with other users, and several other intrapersonal and interpersonal metrics. Questions are drawn from the International Personality Item Pool.

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ambient factory

Ambient Factory is a simple ambient noise generator, allowing you to create a custom mix of subtle noise patterns like wind, gentle rain, and background chatter to drown out distractions. Put your headphones on and try it out while reading or coding. Inspired by one of my favorite sites, Noisli.

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